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Dictionary Cache (90)

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The data dictionary is a collection of database tables and views containing reference
information about the database, its structures, and its users. Oracle accesses the data
dictionary frequently during SQL statement parsing. This access is essential to the
continuing operation of Oracle.
The data dictionary is accessed so often by Oracle that two special locations in
memory are designated to hold dictionary data. One area is called the data dictionary
cache, also known as the row cache because it holds data as rows instead of buffers
(which hold entire blocks of data). The other area in memory to hold dictionary data is
the library cache. All Oracle user processes share these two caches for access to data
dictionary information.

1. 一组反应数据库信息的表或视图
2. 内存中有两个指派的地方来保存字典数据. 一是字典高速缓存也就是row cache
另一个地方就是library cache


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