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Initianization Parameter (3) : DB_CACHE_SIZE

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Parameter type : Big integer
Syntax : DB_CACHE_SIZE = integer [K | M | G]
Default value : If SGA_TARGET is set: If the parameter is not specified, then the default
is 0 (internally determined by the Oracle Database). If the parameter is
specified, then the user-specified value indicates a minimum value for
the memory pool.
If SGA_TARGET is not set, then the default is either 48 MB or 4MB *
number of CPUs * granule size, whichever is greater
Modifiable : ALTER SYSTEM
Basic : No
DB_CACHE_SIZE specifies the size of the DEFAULT buffer pool for buffers with the
primary block size (the block size defined by the DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization
The value must be at least 4M * number of cpus * granule size (smaller
values are automatically rounded up to this value). A user-specified value larger than
this is rounded up to the nearest granule size. A value of zero is illegal because it is
needed for the DEFAULT memory pool of the primary block size, which is the block
size for the SYSTEM tablespace.[@more@]

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