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Initianization Parameter (2) : DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS

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Parameter type : Integer
Default value : 0
Modifiable : No
Range of values : 50 to an operating system-specific maximum
Basic : No
Real Application Clusters : Multiple instances can have different values, and you can change the
values as needed.
Note: DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS cannot be combined with the dynamic
DB_CACHE_SIZE parameter; combining these parameters in the same
parameter file will produce an error.
DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS specifies the number of database buffers in the buffer cache. It is
one of several parameters that contribute to the total memory requirements of the SGA
of an instance.
This parameter, together with DB_BLOCK_SIZE, determines the total size of the buffer
cache. Effective use of the buffer cache can greatly reduce the I/O load on the
database. DB_BLOCK_SIZE can be specified only when the database is first created, so
you use DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS to control the size of the buffer cache.[@more@]

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