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Initianization Parameter (1) : DB_BLOCK_SIZE

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Parameter type : Integer
Default value : 8192
Modifiable : No
Range of values : 2048 to 32768, but your operating system may have a narrower range
Basic : Yes
Real Application Clusters : You must set this parameter for every instance, and multiple instances
must have the same value.
DB_BLOCK_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the size of Oracle database blocks. Typical values
are 4096 and 8192. The value of this parameter must be a multiple of the physical
block size at the device level.
The value for DB_BLOCK_SIZE in effect at the time you create the database determines
the size of the blocks. The value must remain set to its initial value.
For Real Application Clusters, this parameter affects the maximum value of the
FREELISTS storage parameter for tables and indexes. Oracle uses one database block
for each freelist group. Decision support system (DSS) and data warehouse database
environments tend to benefit from larger block size values.[@more@]

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