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Introduction to Oracle Memory Structures (69)

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Oracle uses memory to store information such as the following:
■ Program code
■ Information about a connected session, even if it is not currently active
■ Information needed during program execution (for example, the current state of a
query from which rows are being fetched)
■ Information that is shared and communicated among Oracle processes (for
example, locking information)
■ Cached data that is also permanently stored on peripheral memory (for example,
data blocks and redo log entries)
The basic memory structures associated with Oracle include:
■ System Global Area (SGA), which is shared by all server and background
■ Program Global Areas (PGA), which is private to each server and background
process; there is one PGA for each process.

Oracle内存存储以下信息 :
1. 程序代码
2. 已连接会话信息
3. 程序执行需要的信息
4. Oracle进程间共享 , 通信的信息
基本的内存结构 :
1. sga , 所有的服务和后台进程共享
2. pga , 对于每个服务和后台进行是私有的


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