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Transport of Tablespaces Between Databases (59)

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A transportable tablespace lets you move a subset of an Oracle database from one
Oracle database to another, even across different platforms. You can clone a tablespace
and plug it into another database, copying the tablespace between databases, or you
can unplug a tablespace from one Oracle database and plug it into another Oracle
database, moving the tablespace between databases.
Moving data by transporting tablespaces can be orders of magnitude faster than either
export/import or unload/load of the same data, because transporting a tablespace
involves only copying datafiles and integrating the tablespace metadata. When you
transport tablespaces you can also move index data, so you do not have to rebuild the
indexes after importing or loading the table data.
You can transport tablespaces across platforms. (Many, but not all, platforms are
supported for cross-platform tablespace transport.) This can be used for the following:
■ Provide an easier and more efficient means for content providers to publish
structured data and distribute it to customers running Oracle on a different
■ Simplify the distribution of data from a data warehouse environment to data
marts which are often running on smaller platforms
■ Enable the sharing of read only tablespaces across a heterogeneous cluster
■ Allow a database to be migrated from one platform to another

可传输表空间 :一个Oracle数据库的子集嵌入 ,迁移 , 复制至另外一个数据库 ,即使是在不同的表平台上.
相比于导入导出/装载数据 , 通过传输表空间来迁移数据的速度是数量级的 , 因为他只涉及到复制数据文件和
集成表空间元数据 , 在传输表空间时 , 也可以迁移索引并且不用重建


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