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Sort Segments (58)

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One or more temporary tablespaces can be used only for sort segments. A temporary
tablespace is not the same as a tablespace that a user designates for temporary
segments, which can be any tablespace available to the user. No permanent schema
objects can reside in a temporary tablespace.
Sort segments are used when a segment is shared by multiple sort operations. One sort
segment exists for every instance that performs a sort operation in a given tablespace.
Temporary tablespaces provide performance improvements when you have multiple
sorts that are too large to fit into memory. The sort segment of a given temporary
tablespace is created at the time of the first sort operation. The sort segment expands
by allocating extents until the segment size is equal to or greater than the total storage
demands of all of the active sorts running on that instance.

排序段在第一次排序操作时被创建 , 排序段以通过分配段的方式来扩展 , 直至排序段大小大于等于运行在实例上所有活动


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