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Temporary Tablespaces for Sort Operations (57)

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You can manage space for sort operations more efficiently by designating one or more
temporary tablespaces exclusively for sorts. Doing so effectively eliminates
serialization of space management operations involved in the allocation and
deallocation of sort space. A single SQL operation can use more than one temporary
tablespace for sorting. For example, you can create indexes on very large tables, and
the sort operation during index creation can be distributed across multiple tablespaces.
All operations that use sorts, including joins, index builds, ordering, computing
aggregates (GROUP BY), and collecting optimizer statistics, benefit from temporary
tablespaces. The performance gains are significant with Real Application Clusters.

临时表空间 :排序操作
可以创建多个临时表空间来排序 , 比如 , 在一个大表上创建索引时 , 排序操作所要求的表空间可以


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