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Read-Only Tablespaces (56)

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The primary purpose of read-only tablespaces is to eliminate the need to perform
backup and recovery of large, static portions of a database. Oracle never updates the
files of a read-only tablespace, and therefore the files can reside on read-only media
such as CD-ROMs or WORM drives.
Read-only tablespaces cannot be modified. To update a read-only tablespace, first
make the tablespace read/write. After updating the tablespace, you can then reset it to
be read only.
Because read-only tablespaces cannot be modified, and as long as they have not been
made read/write at any point, they do not need repeated backup. Also, if you need to
recover your database, you do not need to recover any read-only tablespaces, because
they could not have been modified.

1. 这样的表空间不需要备份恢复 , 不会被更新 , 可以驻留在只读介质上
2. 如果需要修改只读表空间 , 首先需要将该表空间更改为读写模式 , 完成手 , 可以重新设置为只读


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