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Multiple Block Sizes (53)

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Oracle supports multiple block sizes in a database. The standard block size is used for
the SYSTEM tablespace. This is set when the database is created and can be any valid
size. You specify the standard block size by setting the initialization parameter
DB_BLOCK_SIZE. Legitimate values are from 2K to 32K.
In the initialization parameter file or server parameter, you can configure subcaches
within the buffer cache for each of these block sizes. Subcaches can also be configured
while an instance is running. You can create tablespaces having any of these block
sizes. The standard block size is used for the system tablespace and most other
Note: All partitions of a partitioned object must reside in tablespaces
of a single block size.

1. 有DB_BLOCK_SIZE初始参数控制标准的块大小 , 2K to 32K为合法的值
2. 分区对象只能是单一的块值


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