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Managing Space in Tablespaces (49)

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Tablespaces allocate space in extents. Tablespaces can use two different methods to
keep track of their free and used space:
1 Locally managed tablespaces: Extent management by the tablespace
2 Dictionary managed tablespaces: Extent management by the data dictionary
When you create a tablespace, you choose one of these methods of space management.
Later, you can change the management method with the DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN
PL/SQL package.
If you do not specify extent management when you create a
tablespace, then the default is locally managed.

1. lmt : 表空间管理范围(本地管理表空间)
2. dmt : 字典管理范围(字典管理表空间)
3. 可用DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN改变表空间管理
4. 默认为lmt


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