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sqlnet.ora parameter (2)

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Use the parameter NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH to specify the order of the naming
methods used for client name resolution lookups.
tnsnames (local naming naming method) : Set to resolve a net service name through the tnsnames.ora
file on the client.
ldap (directory naming naming method) : Set to resolve a database service name, net service name, or
net service alias through a directory server.
ezconnect or hostname (easy connect naming or host naming method) : Select to enable clients to use
a TCP/IP connect identifier , consisting of a host name and optional port and service name.
cds (CDS external naming method) : Set to resolve an Oracle database name in a Distributed Computing
Environment (DCE) environment.
nis (Network Information Service (NIS) external naming method) : Set to resolve service information
through an existing NIS.

这里面有很多的网络术语弄不明白 , 大意是通过这个参数的设定 ,顺序的为客户端来解析网络服务名。
tnsnames :从tnsnames.ora中解析服务名
ldap :通过 a directory server 来解析
ezconnect :TCP/IP connect identifier , 由主机名 , 端口号 和服务名组成
cds : Distributed Computing Environment
nis : Network Information Service


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