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Assignment of Undo Tablespaces (43)

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You assign an undo tablespace to an instance in one of two ways:
1 At instance startup. You can specify the undo tablespace in the initialization file or
let the system choose an available undo tablespace.
2 While the instance is running. Use ALTER SYSTEM SET UNDO_TABLESPACE to
replace the active undo tablespace with another undo tablespace. This method is
rarely used.
You can add more space to an undo tablespace by adding more datafiles to the undo
tablespace with the ALTER TABLESPACE statement.
You can have more than one undo tablespace and switch between them. Use the
Database Resource Manager to establish user quotas for undo tablespaces. You can
specify the retention period for undo information.

1 两种方法指定回滚表空间
a 在实例启动时 ,通过参数文件的undo_tablespace指定
b 实例运行时 , 使用alter system set undo_tablespace <>
2 可以拥有超过1个的undo tb , 并且可以切换


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