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The SYSAUX Tablespace (40)

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The SYSAUX tablespace is an auxiliary tablespace to the SYSTEM tablespace. Many
database components use the SYSAUX tablespace as their default location to store data.
Therefore, the SYSAUX tablespace is always created during database creation or
database upgrade.
The SYSAUX tablespace provides a centralized location for database metadata that
does not reside in the SYSTEM tablespace. It reduces the number of tablespaces created
by default, both in the seed database and in user-defined databases.
During normal database operation, the Oracle database server does not allow the
SYSAUX tablespace to be dropped or renamed. Transportable tablespaces for SYSAUX
is not supported.
Note: If the SYSAUX tablespace is unavailable, such as due to a
media failure, then some database features might fail.

1. SYSAUX(system+auxiliary)是system的辅助表空间
2. 在数据库创建或升级时该表空间被创建
3. 元数据的集中地
4. 不允许删除 , 重命名 , 不支持可传输


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