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Allocate More Space for a Database (37)

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The size of a tablespace is the size of the datafiles that constitute the tablespace. The
size of a database is the collective size of the tablespaces that constitute the database.
You can enlarge a database in three ways:
1 Add a datafile to a tablespace
2 Add a new tablespace
3 Increase the size of a datafile
When you add another datafile to an existing tablespace, you increase the amount of
disk space allocated for the corresponding tablespace. Figure 3–2 illustrates this kind
of space increase.
The third option for enlarging a database is to change a datafile’s size or let datafiles in
existing tablespaces grow dynamically as more space is needed. You accomplish this
by altering existing files or by adding files with dynamic extension properties.

1 新增数据文件
2 新增表空间
3 加大数据文件的大小 (autoextent on)


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