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Export Parameter : Query

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This parameter allows you to select a subset of rows from a set of tables when doing

a table mode export. The value of the query parameter is a string that contains a

WHERE clause for a SQL SELECT statement that will be applied to all tables (or table

partitions) listed in the TABLE parameter.

If a table is missing the columns specified in the QUERY clause, an error message

will be produced, and no rows will be exported for the offending table.


n The parameter QUERY cannot be specified for full, user, or tablespace mode


n The parameter QUERY must be applicable to all specified tables.

n The parameter QUERY cannot be specified in a direct path export (DIRECT=y)

n The parameter QUERY cannot be specified for tables with inner nested tables.

n You cannot determine from the contents of the export file whether the data is

the result of a QUERY export.


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