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Using Supplied Packages to Manage Stored Outlines

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The DBMS_OUTLN and DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT package provides procedures used for
managing stored outlines and their outline categories.
Users need the EXECUTE_CATALOG_ROLE role to execute DBMS_OUTLN, but public
has execute privileges on DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT. The DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT package is an
invoker's rights package.
Some of the useful DBMS_OUTLN and DBMS_OUTLN_EDIT procedures are:
■ CLEAR_USED - Clears specified outline
■ DROP_BY_CAT - Drops outlines that belong to a specified category
■ UPDATE_BY_CAT - Changes the category of outlines in one specified category to
a new specified category
■ EXACT_TEXT_SIGNATURES - Computes an outline signature according to an
exact text matching scheme
■ GENERATE_SIGNATURE - Generates a signature for the specified SQL text[@more@]

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