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Backing Up Control Files with RMAN

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You can back up the control file when the database is mounted or open. RMAN uses a
snapshot control file to ensure a read-consistent version. If CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE
AUTOBACKUP is ON (by default it is OFF), then RMAN automatically backs up the
control file and server parameter file after every backup and after database structural
changes. The control file autobackup contains metadata about the previous backup,
which is crucial for disaster recovery.

If the autobackup feature is not set, then you must manually back up the control file in
one of the following ways:
■ Include a backup of the control file within any backup by using the INCLUDE
CURRENT CONTROLFILE option of the BACKUP command
■ Back up datafile 1, because RMAN automatically includes the control file and
SPFILE in backups of datafile 1

A manual backup of the control file is not the same as a control file autobackup. In
manual backups, only RMAN repository data for backups within the current RMAN
session is in the control file backup, and a manually backed-up control file cannot be
automatically restored.


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