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Is Fahai in “The Legend of the White Snake” good or bad?

相信,地球人都知道<<新白娘子传奇>>,里面的白娘子虽然是一条蛇妖,但她却是一条比人好上千百倍的,有时连人都不如蛇的好妖精. 她漂亮温柔, 善良娴熟, 有勇有谋…对爱情执着,对友情坚固,对亲情有恩有惠…
         It is known to all that the White Snake in “The Legend of the White Snake” was a serpent, but she was much better than a human being, and sometimes human is not as good as a serpent. She was pretty and tender, kind-hearted and virtuous with courage and crafts… she was persistent in love, firm with friendship and grateful to family love.
         However, there was a monk with the name of “White Snake” who would like to eradicate the evil for common people and he took every effort to conquer the White Snake.  
         Some people believe that Fahai was gaining private profit through privilege in order to take revenge for the White Snake’s stealing of the elixir. He made every effort to drive the White Snake to break the rules of heaven and then flood the Golden Mountain.

         Others consider that “Fahai has been engaged himself in Taoism, it is his responsibility and obligation to conquer the White Snake and it is also the deed that eradicates the harm for all the common people. The human being and the ogre can’t go on the same way, it is reasonable to have her imprisoned since she disobeyed the rules of heaven.”

         Is Fahai “gaining private profit through privilege” or “eradicating the harm for all the common people”? Is he good or bad?

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