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Transactions used

Settings for determining the credit control area of a document. The settings of items 1 - 4 are taken into account according to their priority. The credit control area found is stored in field VBAK-KKBER.

1. Transaction OB38
Check which credit control area is assigned to the company code.
Company code:
Credit control area:

2. Transaction OVFL
Check which credit control area is assigned to the sales area.
Sales area:
Credit control area:

3. Transaction XD02 or VD02
Check which credit control area is assigned to the payer.
Credit control area:

4. Transaction SE37
Is user exit EXIT_SAPV45K_001 being used?

5. Transaction OBZK
For the settings under items 2 - 4, field "All company codes" must be marked in Transaction
OB45, or the credit control area must be entered under the relevant company code in table
T001CM of the credit control areas allowed.
Company code:
Credit control areas allowed:

6. Settings for the credit checks

7. Transaction OVAK
Which settings do exist for the sales document type used?
Sales document:
Check credit:
Credit group:

8. Transaction OVAD
Which settings do exist for the delivery type used?
Delivery type:
Credit group for delivery:
Credit group for goods issue:

9. Transaction OB01
Credit management/Change risk category
Definition of the risk category for each credit control area. This risk category can be
assigned to a credit account by using Transaction FD32.

10. Transaction OVA8
Here, the individual credit checks for key fields
- credit control area
- risk category
- credit group are set. Take these key fields from the above settings and go to the detail screen. In particular, check whether fields "Reaction" and "Status/block" are set correctly. To carry out follow-up actions in case of a credit block, the credit check status must be set (field "Status/block").

11. Transaction FD32
Credit master data for the payer of the relevant document.
Credit account:
Credit limit:
Risk category:

12. Settings for updating the credit values Update of the credit values is required for the limit check (static or dynamic credit limit check).

13. Transaction OVA7
Update of the credit value is active for the corresponding item type if the check box is marked. This field corresponds to field "Active receivable" in Transaction VOV7.
Item type:
Active receivable:

14. Transaction V/08, Pricing
In the pricing procedure used for pricing, subtotal "A" must be entered in a line for determining the credit value (mark the pricing procedure and doubleclick on "Control").
Usually, the net value plus taxes is used. This way the system is determined to use this subtotal for credit pricing. The credit price is stored in field VBAP-CMPRE and used for update and credit check.
You can find the used pricing procedure of the order under "Item -> Condition -> Analysis".
Pricing procedure:
Line with subtotal = 'A':

15. Transaction OB45
Which update group (field "Update") do you use in the relevant credit control area? The default setting is "12". If you use another update group, check whether this is fine with you. If you open an OSS message, please tell us the alternative update group.
Credit control area:

16. Transaction OMO1
Which kind of update did you choose for structure S066?
In any case, "Synchronous update (1)" has to be chosen as the kind of update.
All other settings will lead to errors.

17. Program: RVKRED77, RVKRED07
SD: Reorganization of Credit Values after Update Errors

Credit Management Configaration

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