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然后打开C:WINDOWSsystem32 目录下发现了工具条的主要两个文件已经升级了,





Alexa Toolbar Update Released Today

Alexa's popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last several years and none of it would be possible without the Alexa Toolbar. Good reasons to install the Alexa Toolbar:
  1. The toolbar provides quick and easy access to the data that you expect from Alexa, including rankings, related links and more.
  2. You can help improve the data by installing the toolbar. The more people use it, the better it gets.
  3. Alexa is free.
Alexa is a community of users improving the Web for everybody. Just by using the Alexa Toolbar you are ensuring that everybody has access to a free and impartial source of traffic information. If you don't have the toolbar already, what are you waiting for?

The new toolbar, version 7.1, is a minor revision that includes some design improvements as well as one nifty new feature... it automatically shows a red or green arrow indicating whether the site's traffic rank is improving or declining.

For those of you that already have an Alexa Toolbar installed, thank you. Your Alexa Toolbar should auto-update within the next week or so. If you can't wait, feel free install it now.

Oh, and for those of you on FireFox, we still recommend the Search Status Toolbar.

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