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SEO Questions(转)

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SEO Questions
Is it true that by displaying Google Adsense, on my site I can expect the Google spider to come around more often?
What about if I bid on Google Adwords, will this increase my ranking in the main index?
Are there any penalties which could be applied to my website if I display lots of affiliate links?
How can we protect ourselves from losing our position due to the regular changes in algorithm being implemented by Google?
Isn't this all just one big arms race?
Which is better; .com or
How should I optimise my database?
E Commerce database example.
Should I be concerned about duplicate content if I am repeating the same block of text on several different pages?
Are hyphens now redundant in domain names? What about page and folder names?
Is there anything I can do to speed up the rate at which new pages I add to my site get indexed?
Will a Standalone IP Address help to boost my rankings?
What should I do to increase my link popularity?
Should I still link from "semi relevant" pages?
How important are meta tags in the current search climate? Does the keyword tag have any relevance any more?
What will Yourslice be doing to monitor my website?
What is likely to happen to the search engine market in general over the next year, and in the medium to long-term?
Is it better to have one large site with everything under one roof, or can it be more effective to use multiple domains? Specifically, is there any truth in the assertion that a site can reach a certain critical mass (believed to be around 1000 pages of content), above which rankings on search engines such as Google will become substantially more stable?
How should I balance Organic and Paid Listings?
How important is PageRank™ in the current search marketplace?
Is the market going to be dominated even further by pay per click listings?
Are there any plans by search engines to use any sort of user defined quality criteria when deciding how to rank sites?
How many times should I repeat my target keyword on each page, and how should this keyword density be spread out around the page?
Are large gains in rank still possible through the use of "supatags" (highly optimised title tags)?
How many words of content should be used on each page? Is there a minimum number of words to make a page viable?
What percentage of the search engine market will the new Yahoo occupy? How do I need to adapt my site to respond to this? What will happen to the Yahoo directory?

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