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MapInfo is no more

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MapInfo is no more[@more@]Since the acquisition of MapInfo Corp. last year by Pitney Bowes Inc., the name MapInfo has remained -- somewhat -- under the new name Pitney Bowes MapInfo, headquartered at MapInfo's old offices in North Greenbush.

On Thursday, Pitney Bowes announced its Group 1 Software unit was combining with the Pitney Bowes MapInfo unit and would take on a new name, Pitney Bowes Software.

Mike Hickey, the former chief operating officer of MapInfo and current president of Pitney Bowes MapInfo will be president of the new combined unit.

"Merging the business is both a natural evolution and an exciting step forward for Pitney Bowes," said Leslie Abi-Karam, Pitney Bowes' executive vice president and president of document messaging technologies.

Abi-Karam said the new business will work with the marketing services company also housed in the North Greenbush building.

"This merger will benefit both companies and their customers by providing them the best of what both MapInfo and Group 1 Software have to offer," Hickey said.

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