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1. Configure Websphere application server.

In administraction console, click Servers->Application servers->server name->Debug service(Right down corner). Check 'Enable service at server startup', remain default values for others.

After this, you need to restart application server. To test if the debug service is started, you can use netstat -a to see if the port you set is now being listened.

2. Configure Eclipse

Click Run->Debug..->Remote Java Application(in the left tree), then click new. Change the Host, Port to what you have configured in the Websphere application server.

Don't worry about the current class(used as the debug name), there is no main class actually.

After configuration, run this debug. This will create a connection with the remote debug service.(You can see it using netstat -a in the remote server)

3. Debug

Set breakpoint in Eclipse.

Run your application in the application server and running will pause when break point reached.


Websphere administration console help


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